3.21. Matveev V. N. and Matvejev O. V.
Sinerta Closed Joint-Stock Company:
Vilnius, Lithuania

3.21.1. Zeno''s Relativistic Effect.A Physical Solution to the Aporia “Achilles and the Tortoise”.
(pdf, англ.). - 59 Kб.

3.21.2. Theory of Relativity Coming out in True Colours.
The special theory of relativity and attempts at its derelativisation.
(pdf, англ.). - 28 Kб.

3.21.3. The Speed of Light in One Direcyion Relative to the Earth
(pdf, англ.). - 85 Kб.

3.21.4. General physical uncertainty relations as a consequence of the Lorentz transformation
(pdf, англ.). - 136 Kб.

3.21.5. Full simulation of the special theory of relativity by means of classical mechanics
(pdf, англ.). - 93 Kб.

3.21.6. Полная имитация специальной теории относительностисредствами классической механики.
matwad@mail.ru www.theoryrelativity.com
(pdf, русс.). - 124 Kб.

3.21.7. Simulation of Kinematics of Special Theory of Relativity.
Joint-Stock Company “Sinerta”
Savanoriu pr., 159, Vilnius, LT-03150, Lithuania
E-mail: matwad@mail.ru
(pdf, русс.). - 243 Kб.


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