Исаак Ньютон. Журнальные статьи. A Letter of Mr. Isaac Newton, Containing His New Theory about Light and Colors.
Professor of the Mathematicks in the University of Cambridge.
Sent by the Author to the Publisher from Cambridge, Febr. 6. 1671/72; In Order to be Communicated to the R. Society.
Phil. Trans. 1671 v.6, cтр.3075-3087.
(pdf,англ.). - 2,57 Мб. Invented by Mr. Newton, An Accompt of a New Catadioptrical Telescope.
Fellow of the R. Society, and Professor of the Mathematiques in the University of Cambridge.
Phil. Trans. 1672 v.7 стр. 4004-4010.
(pdf,англ.). - 1,14 Мб. A Serie''s of Quere''s Propounded by Mr. Isaac Newton, to be Determin''d by Experiments, Positively and Directly Concluding His New Theory of Light and Colours; and Here Recommended to the Industry of the Lovers of Experimental Philosophy, as they Were Generously Imparted to the Publisher in a Letter of the Said Mr. Newtons of July 8.1672.
Phil. Trans. 1672 v.7, cтр.4004-5007.
(pdf,англ.). - 699 Кб. Mr. Newtons Answer to the Foregoing Letter.
Phil. Trans. 1672 v.7, стр. 4014-5018.
(pdf,англ.). - 851 Кб. Mr. Newton''s Letter to the Publisher of March 26. 1672. Containing Some More Suggestions about His New Telescope, and a Table of Apertures and Charges for the Several Lengths of That Instrument
Phil. Trans. 1672 v.7, стр. 4032-4034.
(pdf,англ.). - 476 Кб. An Extract of Another Letter of the Same to the Publisher, Dated March 30. 1672. by Way of Answer to Some Objection, Made by an Ingenious French Philosopher to the New Reflecting Telescope.
Phil. Trans. 1672 v.7, cтр. 4034-4035.
(pdf,англ.). - 313 Кб. Mr. Isaac Newton''s Considerations upon Part of a Letter of Monsuur de Berce Printed in the Eight French Memoire, Concerning the Cata-Drioptrical Telescope, Pretended to be Improv''d and Refined by M. Cassegrain
Phil. Trans. 1672 v.7, стр. 4056-4059.
(pdf,англ.). - 619 Кб. Some Experiments Propos''d in Relation to Mr. Newtons Theory of Light, Printed in Numb. 80; Together with the Observations Made Thereupon by the Author of That Theory; Communicated in a Letter of His from Cambridge, April 13. 1672.
Phil. Trans. 1672 v.7, стр. 4059-4062.
(pdf,англ.). - 601 Кб. Mr. Newtons Letter of April 13. 1672. st. v. Written to the Publisher, Being an Answer to the Fore-Going Letter of P. Pardies
Phil. Trans. 1672 v.7, стр. 4091-4093.
pdf,англ.). - 513 Кб. P. Pardies. A Second Letter of P. Pardies, Written to the Publisher from Paris May 21. 1672. to Mr. Newtons Answer, Made to His First Letter, Printed in Numb. 84.
Phil. Trans. 1672 v.7, стр. 5012-5013.
pdf,англ.). - 291 Кб. Mr. Isaac Newtons Answer to Some Considerations upon His Doctrine of Light and Colors; Which Doctrine Was Printed in Numb. 80. of These Tracts.
Phil. Trans. 1672 v.7, стр. 5084-5103.
pdf,англ.). - 3,17 Мб. Mr. Newtons Answer to the Foregoing Letter Further Explaining His Theory of Light and Colors, and Particularly That of Whiteness; together with His Continued Hopes of Perfecting Telescopes by Reflections Rather than Refractions.
Phil. Trans. 1673 v.8, стр. 6087-6092.
pdf,англ.). - 851 Кб. Extracts of Two Letters, the One of Mr. Newton, Concerning the Number of Colors, and the Necessity of Mixing Them All for the Production of White, &c; the Other, of a Philosopher at Paris, by Way of Answer to the Former.
Phil. Trans. 1673 v.8, стр. 6108-6012.
pdf,англ.). - 770 Кб. Mr. Isaac Newton''s Considerations on the Former Reply; together with Further Directions, How to Make the Experiments Controverted Aright: Written to the Publisher from Cambridge, Novemb. 13. 1675.
Phil. Trans. 1675 v.10, стр. 500-504.
pdf,англ.). - 784 Кб. The True Theory of the Tides, Extracted from That Admired Treatise of Mr. Isaac Newton, Intituled, Philosophiae Naturalis Principia Mathematica; being a Discourse Presented with That Book to the Late King James, by Mr. Edmund Halley.
Phil. Trans. 1695-1697 v.19, стр. 445-457.
pdf,англ.). - 1,76 Мб. Isaac Newton and Dr. Halley. A True Copy of a Paper Found, in the Hand Writing of Sir Isaac Newton, among the Papers of the Late Dr. Halley, Containing a Description of an Instrument for Observing the Moon''s Distance from the Fixt Stars at Sea.
Phil. Trans. 1742-1743 v.42. стр. 155-156.
pdf,англ.). - 532 Кб.


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